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LGTOOL 1.36: really massive update: more then 40 new models added!

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c LGTOOL 1.36: really massive update: more then 40 new models added!

Post by Admin on Sat 12 Nov 2011, 1:51 pm

by SEtool team

Version 1.36 released!

More then 40 new phones are supported by LGtool now!
10 new LG models added world first: AS680, AS855, C729, E730, E739, LU6500, P693, P860, SU870, T575!
Instant unlock by IMEI/ESN/MSN for LG, Alcatel, Motorola and Huawei phones still free!

Added Models for Direct services:

LG: VS760, US760

- Read/Write SPC
- Read/Write MEID
- Read/Write ESN
- Read/Write Min2/Min1
- Read/Write Sid/Nid
- Read/Write Phone number(MDN)
- Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B
- Read/Write AKEY
- Read/Write OTKSL
- Read/Write BlueTooth address
- Read/Write PRL(if a model has it)
- Read/Write ERI(if a model has it)
- Read User Lock Code
- File explorer(beta)

LG: SH650, SH400, SH210, KH2100

- Read/Write NVM
- Factory reset
- Unlock
- Repair bluetooth
- Repair IMEI

LG: SU600, SH130

- Read/Write NVM
- Factory reset
- Unlock
- Repair IMEI

Added models for Remote services:

LG: A210AN, AS680, AS855, C729, C729DW, C729DWP, C800DG, C800VL, C800DGP, C800VLP, E510G, E730, E730F, E739, E739BK, E739KW, E739KWP, E739BKP, F100L, GT365GO2, L55C, LG221C, LU6500, P509P, P690F, P693, P860, P999P, SU870, T575, VN271PP, VN271SS

- Calculate unlock codes

Huawei: G6005

- Calculate unlock codes

New features:

LG: RD6160, LG6160, RD6210, LG6210, RD6300, LG6300

- Refurbish (Erase filesystem and write necessary system files)
- After firmware is complete, necessary files will be written into the phone

-changes in file explorer:
- root node has been added. Now all operations in root folder can be executed using this node.
- recursive folder deleting has been added

-Added reading Service Password in GetInfo function.
This password used on some CYON phones to enter unlock menu.
On some CYON phones you can press key "0" in Main Menu and then enter Service Password.
In Service Menu you can select "NW Password" item to enter Unlock Code.

Bugs fixed:

- Slow work on some PC has been fixed.
- Brom.dll bug fixed
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