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MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.3 - MEGA UPDATE - The only NOKIA BOX with TMA included

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c MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.3 - MEGA UPDATE - The only NOKIA BOX with TMA included

Post by Admin on Wed 10 Aug 2011, 1:41 pm

- added USB STANDALONE security repair function *** for ALL HASH for RAPUYAMA phones.
( required HTI with firmware 00.17 )

- added USB STANDALONE security repair function *** for ALL HASH for RAPIDO phones.
( required HTI with firmware 00.17 )


- added: SL3 Logger (sl3u.exe - Standalone SL3 Logger/Unlocker/LOG Converter)
Optimized for SL3 unlock task using HTI or USB cable.

- added: SL3 Bruteforce (sl3bf.exe) 'load at windows startup' option.

- added, notification messages for important function

- added, optional screen recorder
using separated application "camcl.exe", use "Record Session" on system menu
(right click window titlebar)
captured videos will be saved as "capture.avi" in the windows temp folder
will be usefull for reporting bug or something else

- added: connection status/speed information on connect

- moved "[BB5,USB]Use New Protocol for RAPIDO" option to config->Directory
If enabled, will use new loader else will use old loader(embedded to MCU file)
RAPIDO phones with New Protocol connected to HS(High-speed) USB allows to use CERT backup/restore.
Old RAPIDO and RAPIDO connected to non HS USB will not backup CERT due to USB limitation.


- added: model selection by type designator or phone description

- added, fw version check between connected phone, mcu image, server during 'Scan Phone'

- added, fw version check between selected mcu image and server during 'market select'

- added, "Copy All Links" on Nokia Download Window

- added, auto complete on Model selection

- added: more detailed description of errors if an error occurs

- added: "[BB5]Use New Protocol for RAP3Gv3" option to config->Directory

- added: phone`s image load from server(if any).

- added: latest firmware version check(if any) for BB5 phone on market select.

- added update dialog window when HTI firmware outdated.


- bugfixed: Nomadik dead usb flashing (Bootstrap failed)

- bugfixed: RAP3Gv3 dead usb flashing (stop at sending bootloader)

- bugfixed: usb3 connection status query

- bugfixed: XGOLD 213 "Use Embedded SBL from MCU" does not work if BB5 selected in generation dropdown.

- bugfixed: access violation on synchronize files when Download window opened.

- bugfixed: application crash on load in some os(win7 x86 no sp).

- bugfixed: XGOLD213 usb flashing error when no mcu spesified

- bugfixed: SL3 read PhoneIDs shows 'Operations not supported'

- bugfixed: X1-01 XGOLD flashing bug.

- bugfixed: No progressbar on flashing.

- bugfixed: New RAPIDO SL3 read PhoneIDs shows 'Operations not supported'

- bugfixed: processing file with size more than 900MB.

- bugfixed: emulate phone on New Protocol causing application to be hang.

- bugfixed: random crash on buscheck with usb connection

- bugfixed: dead after flashing in NOR flash devices (affected on x64 pc with memory more than 4GB)


- Renamed 'Image DL' caption to 'Download' as this will be easier to understand

- 'Download' will show input dialog if no product code spesified

- local rfbb will also handle rfbb file format

- local dcc will also handle pm file format

- changed FlashLoader selection from dropdown to checklist as this will be more user friendly.

- changed SoftTMA to slider as this will be more user friendly.

- Some UI changes
Add fading on loading module using balloon hint instean of ordinary hint

- changed manifest of mobileEx.exe, SL3 Bruteforce (sl3bf.exe) from 'asInvoker' to 'requireAdministrator'.
Library and modules will need to update their xml configuration files regularly,
or create if xml configuration is not exists. This operation required admin level on vista and win7 core.

- to not confuse users, Nokia USB ROM is now displayed only when no physical NMWCD* device connected
for dead usb flashing, Nokia USB ROM should be used instead of 'Phonet' device
* NMWCD: Nokia Mobile Wireless Communication Devices

- improved auto enable RAPIDO "FUR Cold Boot" by usb hub information

- improved synchronize files routine, auto retry when download failed.

- improved GetFlashAddress and Custom Erase function
(not pooling phone after operation)

- improved *.default(config update) file handling

- removed experimental "run in main thread" bug caused app hang

- usb flashing routine improved

- usb connection handling improved

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