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Internet Download Accelator Plus 8.01

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c Internet Download Accelator Plus 8.01

Post by mani007 on Wed 26 Mar 2008, 11:23 pm

Description of Download Accelerator

Download accelerator plus or DAP is a very popular download manager with millions of users worldwide. It is completely free and can be upgraded online free of cost. It has a number of useful features like scheduled download and auto internet disconnection and\or shutting down of computer upon download completion. DAP also provides auto antivirus scanning of downloaded contents by integrating with the antivirus software (such as Norton, Mcafee or AVG) present in the OS. Though this feature may not work properly with some antivirus applications. DAP integrates very well with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera. It pops up a small message box by the system tray with 'Open/play' commands upon completion of download. It also has a password manager for websites.

Another useful feature is that one can listen or see the preview of a song or video while download is going on. Thus it saves time and helps to stop redownloading of same content by mistake. DAP also boosts up connection speed. Along with another software called 'Speedoptimizer' (not freeware like DAP) it can increase download speed up to a large degree. DAP has a very nice and easy to learn interface.


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