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MXKEY / MXBOX (STANDALONE Nokia Box) - Massive Update v3.5 revision 1.0

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c MXKEY / MXBOX (STANDALONE Nokia Box) - Massive Update v3.5 revision 1.0

Post by Admin on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 4:32 pm

v3.5 revision 1.0, Public-Release

What is new:


- Update HTI button now always enabled.

- Added local ping check for 'Server List'

- Added taskbar progress support for Windows 7

NK(Nokia Service Tool)

- Fully reworked flashing routines(workaround for HTI flashing bug)

- HTIBOX connected as additional security service(if any) when
using USB connection for standalone BB5 security fix operation

- Fixed, Access violation on DCT4 Bus check when
card connected HTI CCID reader

- Fixed, Download in background task

- BB5 Secure Storage and Certificate validation
moved to Certificate manager page

- BB5 Secure Storage, Certificate validation, Recover CERT,
Load RFBB from server also supported with USB connection

- Minor bug fixes

SL3BF updated to version 3.4

- added task scheduler, useful when working with more files

- fixed, random salt option bug
(duplicate salt automatically fixed on this version)

BB (BlackBerry Tool)

- Added New MEP to MEP definition file(mep.dat)

- Updated "supported_mep.txt"

QCD (CDMA Service Tool)

- Added flashing definition file for: Haier C2071

- Updated patch definition to version 1.3

- added unlock patch for: Haier C2071-P1.01.21_V00.21

- see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" for list supported models


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