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[MXKEY - BOMB] Public discussion about v3.4 revision 1.0, Public-Release

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c [MXKEY - BOMB] Public discussion about v3.4 revision 1.0, Public-Release

Post by Admin on Tue 04 May 2010, 2:25 pm

v3.4 revision 1.0 - DCT4PLUS unlock FREE for ALL MXKEY for limited number of phones.
v3.4 revision 1.0, Public-Release
Major changes.

- Introduced BLADE-X and BLADE-Z server system.

- BLADE-Z will accept request for Card services (Registration,Update License, Sign Application, and soon)

- BLADE-X will accept request for Nokia and BlackBerry services(BB MEP calc, DCT4RPL, DCT4PLUS SIMRPL, BB5SD, BB5SDAUTH, BB5SIMRPL, BB5NCKCALC and soon)

- Servers are run in 4 hosts, priority could be selected from server list options.

- Due to keep the server stability, older server will be removed and all older releases are obsolete.

- Removed DCT4PLUS activation, all MXKEY users now can use DCT4PLUS unlock for limited number of phones.

- FREE 50 DCT4 credits and 50 BB5 credits added to all MXKEY users who didn't activate DCT4PLUS

- Minor bug fixes.

All modules recompiled for new api compatibility.
Removed NKC module, as DCT4PLUS activation are no longer required.

NOTE: To be able to implement all this changes all MXKEY servers will no
working from Monday, 3 May 2010, 19:40 GMT for 1 hour.
also available in support area and download page
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