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*** Announcement .....Regarding BB5 Unlocking and Technical Information ***

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c *** Announcement .....Regarding BB5 Unlocking and Technical Information ***

Post by preet123 on Sat 24 Apr 2010, 2:13 pm

All sections located under GSM Mobile Phones are considered as Technical Sections,

and BB5 section is one of those Technical sections which Strongly recommend to post inside only technical informatio or Technical questions for problems only,,
any Non-Technical Threads/Post will be Deleted or moved Directly to Offtopics or Trash without any Notification.

we are sick every day with those non technical Threads or Fake solutions from newbie members here.

We have to separate between Offtopic/chating posts, and between technical threads or Researches for BB5 Nokia Phones

please read the Following before Posting in BB5 Section:

- any Offtopic Thread, Chatting, Useless Text which not related to any Technicality for BB5 will be Deleted and the member will be Banned for 5 days

- Posting Phone Numbers, and Personal Detials are considered as one of those non-technical posts and has nothing to be Related to the Technical BB5 Section ----> so threads will be deleted.

- "Thanks", "good work" , and "please see this Email" , "See this Bla Blaa" will be deleted without Notification.

- Fake Solutions or funny things here will lead the Member to be banned for 10 Days

I hope this will clear the Mass in here, and dont blame any Moderator or Admin here for taking any action, the Complains will be deleted also for not wasting the Forum Space.

however all welcomed here to Post any technical or researches and informations for BB5,
We Never Hide Technical or True Solutions, simply because this is GSM-Forum, if you did't get the technicality from here! so Where you expect to find it !?

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